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Bonita is a dedicated and passionate member of Port Moody-Coquitlam electoral district, where she lives, works and enjoys the community and the people in it. Never backing down from a challenge – it’s her commitment to protect the rights of her constituents. Concerned about wellness of people and the environment, Bonita works hard to ensure that the future is considered in all decision-making processes.

Listening. Understanding. Leading.


Coquitlam RCMP seek $600K for more officers

Coun. Bonita Zarrillo said she will be supporting the requests. “I’m heartbroken to hear what the detachment has to deal with and what society has to deal with,” she said. Maloney’s presentation said without the additions, policing expenses are budgeted at $37.84...

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Letter: Valid concerns about Coquitlam committee

The Editor, Re. “Zarrillo says she’ll talk to lawyer about council feedback on Facebook comment (The Tri-City News, Jan. 24) and “Ctte. member defends its format, value to city” (The Tri-City News, Jan. 26). The Editor, Re. “Zarrillo says she’ll talk to lawyer about...

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Have you ever looked closely at a mosaic? It’s amazing how so many small pieces can come together to make a big picture. In a mosaic, as in life, each piece is equally important in the final product. This idea of “chips makes chunks” has driven me to advocate for inclusion and has made me realize why equity is so critical.