Letter: Expectations come with corp., union dollars

Re. “Councillor wants province to ban union, corporate election money” (The Tri-City News, May 25).

The Editor,

I am in total support of banning corporate and union donations to election campaigns, as proposed by Coquitlam Coun. Bonita Zarrillo.

The influence of money has severely distorted the democratic process in this country, which, fortunately has been recognized by our federal government and almost all provinces across the country.

For any politician to say that he/she is not influenced by the corporate and union money received during an election is simply not credible. When corporations or unions give money to a politician, they expect something in return. It’s as simple as that.

Coquitlam Coun. Terry O’Neill received almost $17,000 in corporate donations in the last civic election but received nothing from unions. For him to suggest that corporate money has no influence over the way he votes is ridiculous and, quite honestly, provides the impression that he believes the voters are fools.

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig has coined the term “institutional corruption” to describe the effect of money in politics. Unfortunately, he is correct.

Big money in politics creates the impression, now widespread in British Columbia, that ordinary people don’t count. As such, it fosters disengagement and cynicism.

Wayne Taylor, Coquitlam



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