About Bonita

Bonita has lived in many different cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, Calgary, & Edmonton. In each of these cities Bonita needed to set up a home for her and her family, finding work for herself, finding a doctor, dentist, friends, recreational activities, and everything else that makes up a life. This is exactly why she believes that inclusive and equitable cities are so important – so that everyone can do this and be set up for success.

With this idea of settling into a new city so close to her heart, it continues to be Bonita’s goal to understand the experiences and needs of all residents that live in Coquitlam – whether it is a family with children, couples on their own, singles, seniors, roommates, or even pets! No matter if someone has lived in Coquitlam for 30 years or just moved in – the needs of people are always in the forefront of Bonita’s decisions at the council table. She values inclusion, not just by listening to what people are saying, but by responding.

Bonita Zarrillo


The people who make our community thrive must be able to afford to live here. Affordable housing, cost-effective transportation and supportive initiatives are essential to making our communities thrive.

 I have worked hard to keep the needs of residents and families the priority in my decision making. As your representative on City Council, I will be the voice of my constituents, an active member in chambers and an upholder of our values.

  • Housing

    Passed a comprehensive affordable housing strategy and supportive of increasing purpose built rental supply

  • Trans-Mountain

    Secured Intervenor Status for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to ensure Kinder Morgan covers the financial impacts to the city


I believe at its core, transparency is about being open and honest while putting all the issues out there to be discussed.

In every aspect of my duties, ensuring that my actions and those of our government remain transparent is of highest priority.

  • Council Chambers

    Exposed the exclusionary nature of meetings between the development community & the mayor

  • Budget

    Consistently advocating for the budget deliberations and itemized decisions to happen in a meeting open to the public

Inclusion & Equity

We are extremely fortunate to live in a region made up of individuals with delightfully diverse backgrounds.

I believe we must continue to foster this inclusive environment to keep striving toward a community, a region and a country where everyone feels respected and able to achieve their full potential.

As a City Councillor serving my third term, I’ve advocated for gender equity, access for residents facing physical and attitudinal barriers, clean air, new space for pets (even in condo towers), and the Inclusive Rainbow Crosswalk.

I believe strongly in ensuring inclusion and equity in my role as a City Councillor in Coquitlam and will continue to do so. In my six years on Council I have been the voice for the importance of safe and inclusive spaces

  • Gender Equality

    Building safe cities through recognizing gender equality

  • Rainbow Crosswalk

    Fully supportive of the Rainbow Crosswalk as a welcoming symbol of inclusion

  • Equal Access

    Advocating for equal access to affordable ride share options